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Cooper Chiropractic Center Reviews


Finally, Migraine Relief!

Before meeting Dr. Cooper, I had daily migraines and felt exhausted all the time. I heard about his program and figured I would try it out. Since being on his plan, I have conquered my migraines, feel energetic, and even have friends tell me how my skin even looks better! If you’re on the fence about trying out this program, do it! You’re going to end up spending the money anyway with MD’s and prescriptions that eat away at your body, so why not spend it wisely on a doctor that will give your tailored supplements that will heal your body and not Band-Aid symptoms!

Tracie C.

Nutrition Response Testing Changed My Life

I had a problem with irritable bowel for about 10 yrs. I went thru the scheduled colonoscopy every 5 years in which they tested for Celiac and Crohn’s disease to no avail. I could deal with the diarrhea if it did not happen suddenly and without warning in no regard to where I was. It was very embarrassing as well as inconvenient. It was impacting the way I wanted to live and go.

I had been going to Dr. Cooper for several years for a lower back problem. When I saw he was using Nutrition Response Testing, I thought I have tried everything else, give it a try. And I could not be happier that I did. After determining the cause of my symptoms I got on a healthier diet plus the supplements to help my colon. I have much more energy and do not have to worry about making it to a bathroom in time. I have also lost 20 lbs. And have not had a problem with my back. But if I should I definitely know where to go. It has been a very worthwhile experience and Todd has been a blessing. I would encourage anyone to try it. What have you got to lose? “Take back your health.”

-Trula T.


Feeling Better Than I Have in Years

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Cooper and his staff for helping me get my health back. I started seeing Dr. Cooper last December for chiropractic issues, which I was very reluctant to start. While I was in for an adjustment in February my stomach hurt really badly. I have been dealing with this for at least five to seven years and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. Dr. Cooper said he thought he could help if I wanted, which I was delighted to hear. All I had to do was change my diet and take supplements.

Since Dr. Cooper started treating me with supplements I not only have lost all my pain, I have also lost over 40 pounds. I feel better today than I have in years, and this is all because of Dr. Cooper. I feel as if he has given me my life back and I am forever grateful!

Wendy S.

NRT Helped Me Get My Life Back on Track

I am a 63 year old woman who was ready to commit murder if one more doctor told me that all my pains, aches and misery were something one expects when you “mature”. I had suffered with a neck, shoulder injury for years, but now my knees and feet had joined the revolt of my body. Then of course I had a nose that made my life miserable. My allergies were terrible. I needed the help of my arms to pull me up a flight of steps except my free hand had a wad of tissues for my leaky nose. I am also a coke alcoholic and sugar junky. I knew the extra 30 pounds I had added wasn’t helping matters, but I didn’t have the energy to fight the battle to get my health back. Allergy medicine can make you real sleepy. Who can worry about health when the next nap needs to be planned? Maybe at 63 I had to go for a chubby, red nose blob look and try to be happy.Read More>>>

I had moved to Abington and needed a new chiropractor, hopefully one who didn’t talk to me like an aging old lady. A friend at church told me she loved Dr. Cooper and thought I would be well satisfied with his methods and bedside manner. So, after some prayer I made an appointment. I needed all the guidance I can have to choose a chiropractor. I have had chiropractors say I am so difficult to adjust. To get my bones moving chiropractors usually approached adjustments linebacker trying to sack a quarter back. (I am the quarter back) I was so shocked when I met Dr. Cooper. It was a gentle adjustment not an attack on my bones. It took several appointments before I started seeing improvement. But, I had these issues from twenty years so it is chronic.

Next, I decided to let him help me with my nutrition. I had already tried nutri-system a few months before. For me it was a total failure. I felt I had wasted a lot of money on food I put in the trash without any weight loss.

After testing, Dr. Cooper had me cutting carbs, sugars and junk from my diet. I bought supplements that helped my body. I was faithful on keeping track of what I ate and took the supplements. I wasn’t hungry and didn’t crave the breads, cereals that I normally ate. (I still miss my cokes, if the Good Lord returns today I would grab a coke to chug while I get in line for my wings in heaven). The weight started dropping off. It has taken me 6 months to lose over 22 lbs. but the knees don’t hurt, the feet don’t hurt. I am not miserable.

I had had terrible allergies and some days took as many as three and more antihistamines to get relief. Then I also needed Advil, Tylenol for the pain in my bones. Since I have been on Dr. Cooper’s nutrition plan I stopped taking allergy medicine and pain relievers. I didn’t realize how lousy this medicine made me feel. My brain was in a fog.

I still have another month or so on my plan. But I don’t plan to go back to junk and sugars. When I do cheat I can’t believe how bad I feel the next day. I just watch out for the hidden sugars and choose wisely. I really, really haven’t missed most of the goodies and only mentally crave because of the love I have with sweets.

The supplements aren’t cheap, but I have many years on planet Earth and I want my body to feel as good as it can.

-Sherrin E.

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